Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Courtcase. Illegal diving and recovery of items from an 18th century shipwreck in Finland

Well preserved cannon on the ships gundeck (picture copyright Badewanne)

And this one goes to court... It will be very interesting to see what the courts decision will be as this is the first case of it´s kind in Finland.

Four very experienced divers (ages 30-40 yrs) stand accused of stealing artifacts from a  18th century shipwreck located outside of Porvoo S Finland. The divers have worked as guides and arranged legal diving tours.

The 40 meter long wreck wreck lies at a depth of around 60 meters. The ship has had two gun decks and is in a remarkable state of preservation

The police (who previously were doing nothing) were tipped off by another diver and a reporter who is making a documentary about the looting of shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea region. The accused divers claim that they are innocent.

(Source Helsingin Sanomat)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

NEW “NAZI WAR DIGGERS” ALLEGATIONS... Introducing "The Pipeline" !

Interesting new Archaeology website here with some quite scary although by no means unexpected "breaking" news about the recently pulled National Geographic TV-series "Nazi War Diggers". Allegations.

Mixed "finds".

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

"REPRESENTATIONS OF SHIPWRECKS AND MARITIME TECHNOLOGIES" Interesting seminar at the University of Helsinki next week

The seminar is free of charge and open to all with an interest in Maritime Archaeology.

Place: Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3, Helsinki)
Time: 10.00-18.00

The programme looks very interesting indeed!!!

- Mars (1564) - shipwreck and battlefield (professor Johan Rönnby, Södertörn University)

- Presenting a 16th Century Ship in a new 21 st Century Museum: The Mary Rose (Head of interpretation Christopher Dobbs, Mary Rose Trust, UK)

- The art of emptying a dry dock-the use of 3D to enchance understanding of 1700s technology (Tom Ohlsson, Senior Curator, The Karlskrona Dockyard Historical Society)

- In Situ Representations? Diver Trails and the Iona II Paddle Steamer (Victoria Cooper, Project Manager, Wessex Archaeology, UK)

- A Rembrandt lying on the Balticum Seabed: The Dutch Ghost Ship (Drs B.A Tilburg, Ministry of Education and Culure and Science, The Netherlands)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Planned community archaeology in S Finland 2015 (JFArchaeology)

Field course "Metal Detecting and Archaeological Surveying"

8-.9.5.2015 in Karis (Raseborg, SW Finland) in association with Karis Musei- och Hembygdsförening and Sällskapet Natura.

Archaeological excavation and field course "Graves and Grave Cult in the Neolithic"

22-28.5.2015 in Karis (Raseborg, SW Finland) in association with Karis-Billnäs Gymnasium, Ekenäs Gymnasium, Karis Musei- och hembygdsförening and Sällskapet Natura.

Trial excavation "WW2 1941-1944 Conflict Archaeology"

Late may 2015. One week of WW2 conflict archaeology of the German transito camp, the site of  a "Lotta Svärd" cantine and an Ukrainan  pisoner of war camp with Hankoniemen lukio and Hangö Gymnasium.

Archaeological excavation "Vantaa Jokiniemi 2015" 

22.6-12.7.2015 Community archaeology excavation of a magnificient central neolithic dwelling site in the larger Helsinki region. Organized by HEUREKA the Finnish Science Centre participation is limited to 25 persons/day. Registration is to start shortly, more info here soon.

Trial excavation and documentation project "Kimito Telegrafberget 1854" 

July 2015. Site of an optical telegraph station from the Crimean war in association with the Museum of Sagalund and Hembygdsforskarna i Kimitobygden". Possibly also an archaeological excavation in Västanfjärd.

More to come soon :)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

BBC comedy show "Detectorists" is here :)

And I´m totally hooked right from the start :)

I don´t think anyone should be upset by this brilliant comedy series. But as it appears it has upset a few people :(

Here´s a link to episode one on YouTube :) Enjoy!

Another schoolvisit to SYK

This time for approx one hundred 6th graders (11-12 year olds) in the schools marvelous auditorium. What a lovely crowd! Some ten of the children had access to a metal detector, not quite as many knew one or more archaeologists but every single one had visited HEUREKA the Finnish Science Centre which proves how important this institution is for schoolchildren.

SYK was built in 1972 (architects Kaija and Heikki Siren) 

The auditorium has excellent acoustics!

I was quite surprised about the many really good and poignant questions after my lecture too! Thank You so much for making me feel so welcome today. I´m looking forward to seeing at least some of you guys at some of my excavations next summer!